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their lives as artists.
Laura de Wilde, visual artist

Laura de Wilde, visual artist

Laura de Wilde makes abstract collages and paintings. In her minimalistic compositions she layers and mixes a vast range of ingredients, playing on the most diverse effects and characteristics of the material: heavy linen, metal sheet, vintage paper, pigment powder and epoxy resin.
Mirthe Blussé, visual artist

Mirthe Blussé, visual artist

Mirthe Blussé’s work is all about colour. With vivid brushstrokes and splatters, or fine lines and little marks, she makes abstract work, often reflecting on nature, poetry or music. Mirthe works in Amsterdam and in Barcelona.
Romy Muijrers, visual artist

Romy Muijrers, visual artist

Romy Muijrers graduated from Royal Academy of The Hague only two years ago. With her dream-like black and white drawings and delicate paper installations, she managed to claim her spot in the art world straight away. She is represented by Witteveen Visual Art Centre and was part of the Prospects & Concepts Show at Art Rotterdam 2018. Romy’s studio is […]
Nadine Spronk, creative entrepreneur, artist, poet

Nadine Spronk, creative entrepreneur, artist and poet

Former club owner Nadine Spronk is a creative entrepreneur, artist and poet who works on canvas, paper, fabric and silk. She also runs her own artist label of hand-painted garments and silk scarfs “De Nieuwe Couture”. Her studio is at cultural hotspot ACTA in Amsterdam West.
Sjoukje Bierma, fashion illustrator and portrait painter

Sjoukje Bierma, fashion illustrator and portrait painter

Everything about Sjoukje (pronounced “ciao-kia”) is sunny – her eyes, her hair, her studio… even her dog is called Sinne which means sunshine in Frisian, Sjoukje’s mother language. She is a fashion illustrator and portrait painter. Her studio is on the top floor of an old school building in Amsterdam Oud-West.
Liselot Veenendaal, painter

Liselot Veenendaal, painter

Liselot Veenendaal is a pure-bred painter who recently graduated from art school HKU in Utrecht. I saw her work at Cloud Gallery in Amsterdam last year and got intrigued by her power- and colourful images. Currently she lives and works in a residential house-studio in Blaricum.
Minke Havelaar artist and advisor

Minke Havelaar, artist and advisor

Minke is a communication advisor and runs an ‘Agency for Contemporary Communication’. She gives trainings and workshops on online marketing and social media. The past two years she studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Minke shares a studio space in the Aardappelpakhuis in Amsterdam Wittenburg.
Julia Kaiser, designer and visual artist

Julia Kaiser, designer and visual artist

Julia Kaiser has a background in graphic design. A couple of years ago she began her journey towards abstract art where she combines collage, painting and drawing. Julia shares a very light and airy studio in a former primary school in Amsterdam West.
Studio visits we loved reading:
Charline von Heyl in her studio in Mafra, Texas. Photographed by Robin Friend, © TransGlobe Publishing from ‘Art Studio America: Contemporary Artist Spaces’ published by Thames & Hudson
ARTnews, by Ann Landi
Published December 2013 

“Reading is a way of holding myself in a separate space for a while. And while I’m reading I can look in a disinterested way,” she says. “I’m always glancing up at stuff, and then suddenly I’ll jump up and do something I hadn’t contemplated before."

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Louise Fishman, 2016
Louise Fishman in New York, April 2016. Photographed by Christian Högstedt.
Louise Fishman: "Angry Louise", 1973
Louise Fishman, Angry Louise, 1973.
Interview Magazine, by William J. Simmons, Photography Christian Högstedt.
Published 05/02/16 

"That's been a mantra of mine, to never repeat myself. There are certain things that are part of me that I can't help, but my vision and analysis as I'm working centers on making sure that what I'm doing is fresh, that each piece is unique."
The Modern Art Notes Podcast, hosted by Tyler Green
Air date: March 31, 2016 

"Philip Guston said at this panel—I didn't understand it then, but I understand it more and more—he said, "What I want to do in the studio is to paint everybody out of the studio—the critics, the historians, other painters—and then I try to paint myself out of the studio." I wondered, what does that mean? It stayed with me because I was so curious. I knew that it was crucial for me."
Rose Wylie in her studio
Rose Wylie pictured in her studio at her home in Kent. Photographed by Nick Ray 
The Times
August 23 2011 

“Time out makes you come back newly,” she says. “It’s not as if I didn’t talk, look, think, but then suddenly you come back to doing it. If people don’t know me and they see the work they think I’m straight out of art school.”
Gillian Ayres in her studio
Gillian Ayres in her studio in Cornwall. Photographed by Ben Mostyn
July 2015 

Surrounded by her family in Cornwall, the British abstract artist still lives to work, as Rachel Cooke discovers on a visit to her home.
Rosemarie Auberson. Photo via Tappan Collective
Tappan Collective
May 2016 

Rosemarie Auberson is a painter whose work combines collage, painting and drawing. Her work is purely abstract, sometimes more illustrative, but plays with the interaction of the surface with colors and texture, the full and empty. She collaborates with designers and brands such as Hermès and Rachel Comey. In parallel, she works as an art director. Born in Switzerland, she is based and works in Paris, France.
Geta Bratescu in her studio
Geta Brătescu in her Bucharest studio, February 2015, photographed by Stefan Sava
In the studio with Geta Brătescu
Eleanor Clayton
1 July 2015

To coincide with her forthcoming exhibition at Tate Liverpool – her first solo show in a British institution – Eleanor Clayton pays a visit to the studio of celebrated octogenarian Romanian artist Geta Brătescu.
Helen Frankenthaler in her studio, 2003
Helen Frankenthaler in her studio in Darien, Conn., in 2003. Credit Suzanne DeChillo/The New York Times
The New York Times, by Grace Glueck
DEC. 27, 2011 

“For me, being a ‘lady painter’ was never an issue. I don’t resent being a female painter. I don’t exploit it. I paint.”
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